Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Five-Lids

1. What did the last hat you wore look like?
I am fairly certain it was a black bowler hat at walmart that I wore to annoy my darling husband and sister.

2. What’s your strategy for unscrewing those stubborn jar-lids?
Whacking it with a knife to loosen it up

3. How good are you at keeping a lid on it?
Pretty good

4. Here in Hawaii, people are often very self-conscious about their eyelids. How do you feel about yours?
I have a droopy eye lid and it drives me insane. I would have to imagine that it came from the surgery I had as a small child to correct a lazy eye...other than that, I don't really even think about my eye lids.

5. Are you acquainted with anyone named Lydia?
I've got a city love. I found it in Lydia-and I can't remember life before her name.

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