Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why Hello There

So it seems as if someone has taken notice of my blog and I am going to be featured as a "Blogger of Note" on Friday over at Our Words of Wisdom How fabulous for me, eh? I promise I won't let it go to my head...at least not too much :P

It's been such a strange past few days. For one, it was a holiday weekend and Maple Park LOVES Labor Day weekend. We go all out with bands, a parade, fireworks, helicopters (I have proof of all of these) and the police chief doing tricks as he passes out candy (unfortunately I have no photographic evidence of this one BUT him tossing candy through his leg at me while winking will forever be etched in my memory...and the memories of the seven people around me, including the one who shall not be named, who did a wolf whistle and suggested, perhaps, the chief was sweet on me. *shakes head*)

The weekend started out fabulously enough; Gabriel brought home a cold to share with all of us. He was also in a glow in the dark cast that he was kind enough to share with us all as well. Every single one of us has been stepped on at LEAST once with the stupid cast. The only ones in the house who have escaped the glow in the dark monstrosity are the cats and I think that's because he is purposely NOT stepping on them (Just kidding Gabe, we know it's not on purpose...well maybe Bitsy's foot was on purpose, but I'm sure Aunt Katie's wasn't, right??)

So here we are, on the eve of the most important weekend of the year in Maple Park and we have a casted, snotty nosed, miserable kid. Never fear though, by Saturday afternoon he was well enough to infect us all come to the fire station to check out the helicopter, go to the parade and collect twenty pounds of candy, and dance to one of the many bands playing that weekend.

After we fed the kids candy DINNER, the adults all left for an evening of merriment. Said merriment included cheap wine and a keg party. How does a group of 30 somethings (and one young buck) get invited to a keg party you might be wondering...truth be told, I'm wondering the same thing. I still haven't figured it out. *shakes head* Oh well...we came home at the late late hour of midnight, got the sitter home safely and all collapsed in heaps in our bed...except for a few house guests who slept in the living room, which was all fine and dandy until the cheap wine came back up-onto my couch. Here I am, nearly 31 years old (shhhh) and someone threw up on my couch. On the plus side, since the someone who threw up on my couch didn't have my last name, I didn't have to clean it up, so there's that. On the negative side though, um, someone THREW UP ON MY COUCH.

So Sunday morning rolls around, Geo goes to work with a pounding headache and Gabriel's cold, I manage to do seven loads of laundry, clean the kitchen, and make dinner (I think, to be honest, I was still a little drunk from the night before because Lord knows that I don't like to do that much on a Sunday morning) Gabriel, of course, at this point, is perky as all get out because a) he doesn't have a cold anymore and b) he slept for about 12 hours the night before. But wait-where's Bitsy in all of this? Hmmm...let me see, sleeping in my bed, cutting the hair off of my little ponies, using duct tape to "fix leaks" (note to self, try and find the duct tape tomorrow) and generally being a little pain in the rear. On the plus side (side note-I'm trying to be more positive in my day to day life, hence the "on the plus side" phrase I keep tossing out) she has not gotten Gabriel's cold, which is good since at this point EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE has gotten it and is miserable. Thank you Gabriel the Germy for bringing that home to share with all of us.

What a week...and it's really just started. Stupid Mondays off for holidays get me all screwed up all of the time. I sat down tonight and could have sworn it was a Wednesday, after all I worked today and I always work Wednesdays right? (um, no, not right. I rarely work Wednesdays, though oddly enough I do work tomorrow ha ha)

So here it is, Tuesday night and I'm up late because I slept late this morning AND took a nap because I am incredibly lazy coming down with a cold and there is another responsible adult in the house to keep an eye on the blonde devil and we all know you should rest when you feel sick. Not only are five of the seven of us sick with this crappy cold, we managed to share the cold with the Kufer clan who already had a cold started. Glad we could share with you guys! Anytime...ha ha ha ha.

Now it's off to bed since tomorrow is WEDNESDAY and I have things to do...such as dishes and laundry...and posting pictures for the worlds' most fabulous wordless Wednesday post (not really, I have let the Blogger of Note nomination go to my head, sorry) and working.

Have a fabulous Wednesday, can't wait to see all of your Wordless Wednesday posts!

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