Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ever the Optimist?

Apparently I am an eternal optimist when it comes to marriage.

Today on two separate occasions, I've read pessimistic views of marriage and it's made me upset.

One of the things said was "All men cheat if they are given the choice. Even happy men will cheat if given the chance. They are biologically made to cheat, why is anyone surprised when a man cheats?"

This is grade a bologna; number one all men do NOT cheat and number two, if a man is truly happy with their marriage, they are NOT going to cheat. The same can be said of women-not every woman cheats, nor do happy women cheat. I honestly do not know a single person who has ever cheated on their spouse and find it very difficult to believe that people actually believe this sort of bunk.

The second thing was a dear friend lamenting the fact that everyone around her was getting married and while she was happy about it, she was ready for her turn (and it WILL come and it WILL be wonderful for her, I know it will) Someone commented that since half of marriages end in divorce, it's nothing to look forward to.

That's, who thinks like that? Who goes into a marriage thinking "Well we have a fifty fifty chance of making it! Let's see what happens!" It's almost like you are setting yourselves up for failure when you say something like this.

Apparently Geo and I have a very rare marriage. We are very happy 99% of the time, we love spending time to with one another, etc etc (I've blogged about this before lol) I can't imagine how our lives would have been if we had gone into the marriage thinking that we only had a 50% chance of staying married. I don't care how "realistic" it is to think something like that, it's very negative and you shouldn't start a marriage off negatively; it'll end up tainting the whole relationship whether you want it to or not.


I can't wait for Geo to get home so I can give him a big hug and tell him how much I love him and love being married to him...can you say the same about your spouse??

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OJ Gonzalez-Cazares said...

I am a believer too! My marriage is very special, I married my best friend and soulmate, and even our fights are unique! We've past several stages (mainly while dating) and overcame difficulties (both monetary and personal) - we are lucky to have each other and don't want to think about the possibility of cheating - I think that if he ever does it, I will be more sad and dissapointed at him as a friend (for being so stupid) than as my husband (for the betrayal)... does it makes sense at all??


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