Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Five-Holiday Memories

Thought I'd do a little something different for Friday Five today, rather than answer five set questions, I am going to share five favorite Christmas memories/traditions. In no particular order:

On Christmas Eve growing up, we always spent the afternoon with my grandparents-we'd have a big lunch and exchange gifts. One year my grandmother went off on a tangent because she just knew we didn't remember what she had asked for that year for Christmas-she asked for one thing and she knew she wouldn't get it (silly Grandma) As she was rambling, she was opening a gift-the exact gift she had asked for :P Boy was her face red.

My father makes the most amazing food at Christmas time; I can almost taste his church window cookies if I try hard enough. He also dips multiple things in chocolate and does a lot of work with cheese. It's no wonder everyone in our family gains weight at the holidays.

We started a new tradition last year with the kiddos-Christmas movies at night the weeks before Christmas. We continued it this year and love it. I am fairly certain it's here to stay.

My mother in law makes the most amazing cookies for Christmas-"go to bed mints" I have been told many times I will get the recipe on her deathbed...I hate to have to wait that long BUT as long as she keeps making dozens and dozens each year, I guess that's ok...

In 1999, after going to midnight mass, my darling HH, Geo proposed to me...and the rest, as they say, is history. I'm so happy that all these years later we are making memories and creating traditions in OUR family.

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