Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sharing is Fun!!

My sweet little Bitsy girl is SO good at sharing; a bit too good if you ask me...this week she shared the stomach flu with me. It's been a fabulous last few days filled with toast, sleeping, and multiple trips to the "facilities" I am fairly certain the only one in the house who hasn't minded Bits and I being sick is Boni cat; he's been content to lay at the foot of my bed, on the electric blanket, comforting us. By comforting us, of course, I mean nipping our toes and meowing at us when we dare leave the bed for something. As I type this he's sleeping next to me on the chair and just meowed because I dared to pet him *gasp* the horror :P

Thankfully Geo and Gabe have NOT gotten this flu bug and it doesn't look they will either.

We'll be off line for a while as we get ready to move in the next few days. We're hoping to be in the new place Monday evening as long as everything goes as planned (lately nothing has gone as planned, so I am not counting on ANYTHING going right at this point...story of my life ha ha)

Not to worry though, we'll back up and blogging before you know it!

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