Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday-True Colors

It only seems fitting that my first blog post after moving is a thankful Thursday post; in the last few weeks we've really had a lot to be thankful for. Most importantly, I am thankful for the opportunities we've had to see the true colors of the people in our lives.

Our move was chaotic and filled with a lot of uncertainties; we didn't have a place to move to right away because we had stopped looking after we thought we found the house we were moving too. I had done a lot of work to get things ready for the new place-new bus routes, new utility connections, etc etc all to have it blow up in my face. It was a big slap in the face, but we've gotten over it and I'm thankful for the learning experience.

We didn't have a ton of help with our move-but the help we had was awesome. It's hard to move 25 miles with two small children and a small car, but thanks to some family members and some friends who are like family, we got it all taken care of. It was touching to see how much people really DO care about us; sometimes we take each other for granted and a reminder of how great your friends and family are makes a huge difference.

Unfortunately we also learned who we do NOT need in our lives right now; when a kindness is done for others, it should be done without any expectations that it would be repaid OR any other sort of strings attached, however sometimes it would be nice to have someone who we've been kind to time and time again repay the kindness; I just hope that people who've been the recipients of others' kindness will pay it forward to others; I suppose if we are giving our time, money, and effort to someone it should be without the expectation of getting anything in return...but it still stings to realize that you don't mean as much to them as they mean to you. Again, another lesson learned, and I'm thankful for it.

And on another completely different note, I am thankful that Geo and I are going to be the proud auntie and uncle of TWO new nieces or nephews late next summer thanks to a new Witkowski baby coming and a baby Walker on his or her way :) As of August of 2011 we will have TEN nieces and cool is that? Congrats Jd, Katie, Faith and Levi :) Here's to healthy,happy pregnancies, and easy peasy deliveries!

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