Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Be Careful Myself!

Bitsy is hilarious; plain and simple. She's such a funny girl, even when she's not trying to be.

Recently she's started talking to herself out loud. A few weeks ago, she had some birthday money to spend, so she decided to buy herself a fleece Beauty and the Beast blanket that came with a Belle pillow. This made her super happy (and me too, because she's such a bargain hunter-it was only five bucks!! lol) She's snuggling the pillow and says out loud to herself, "Oh me, thank you for buying this for me. It was so nice of me to buy this for me. I love it"

Yesterday on the slide, she got up to the top, she grabbed the bar above the slide and said "okay myself, be careful, be careful. You don't want to fall myself, that would hurt"

It's hilarious to hear her talking to herself out loud. She has one of those very very girly voices which makes it even funnier to me.

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