Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday: A Boy and His Dog

When Gabriel was born, my aunt Sue gave him a stuffed puppy named Samson; Samson, of course, being known as a very strong person, both physically and emotionally. Gabe has been attached to Sam since day one. Sam goes everywhere with us; he's been to multiple states, he's had "x-rays" with Gabe, he's been "casted" with Gabe, and has had an "mri" with Gabriel as well. Gabe is a big boy now, he's seven, and he doesn't "need" Sam as much as he used to, but this morning he's scheduled for an MRI (totally routine, but still scary for him) and Sam is coming with us. All of the medical professionals we work with are wonderful; they understand that Sam is Gabe's security item and make an effort to make sure that when he goes in for a procedure (such as an MRI) Sam is on his lap when he goes to sleep and is put back on him so that when he wakes up, Sam is right where he was before he went to sleep.

I'm thankful today for Sam and for those who deal with Gabriel and I who realize how important Sam is to us, and I'm thankful that Gabe has Sam and that I have Gabe.

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