Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A bit of this and that

It's hard to blog regularly in the summer; for one there's a lot going on, for two, it's too nice to just sit at the computer and type. In the winter, there's nothing better to do than sit in a comfy chair and blog blog blog, but summer just doesn't have that same sort of feeling to it. That being said, here's what's going on lately. I had my five week weigh in today at weight watchers and I'm pleased to say I've lost ten pounds (woohoo) and I've lost 8 inches of body "area"? What would you call that? I don't know, either way, I've lost and that's a good thing.

We spent the weekend wandering around forest preserves that we'd never been to before. We ended up at an equestrian forest preserve where the kiddos got to check out a bunch of horse and watch them in the ring. They loved it but it was so darn hot and the flies were biting so we left and went to a historic farm down the road-that was fun. Ponds, sculptures, all sort of fun stuff. We practically had to drag the kids out of there. The only thing that convinced them to leave was the promise of ice cream!

A while back I posted about wanting a Le Creuset pot for our anniversary; I'm not sure that I ever updated about it, but we were at an estate sale a while back and I found one for ten bucks!! Talk about a happy momma! (and happy Hunky hubby-he wasn't looking forward to dropping that much on a pan ha ha) Man oh man, that pan is amazing. It's cast iron so it holds the heat nicely; I was able to take Geo's dinner out of the oven an hour before he got home last night and it was still nice and hot when he sat down to eat it. Not only does it keep food nice and hot, it is SO easy to clean. I thought for sure I'd be scrubbing the heck out of it to remove sticky teriyaki sauce from last night's dinner. Not so! A sponge and some hot water and it's good as new (to me he he)

It's an exciting week-we're celebrating Geo's grandparents 60th anniversary this weekend and the whole Wit family is going to be here! We're all so excited and it feels like Saturday is taking forever to get here!!!

Alright, that's it for now, time to go home in the pool with the kiddos for a bit! Till next time xo

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