Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weight Watchers: Week Four

I had originally planned to update every Tuesday about weight watchers and then decided that would be too boring; instead I'll do it once a month, which won't be nearly as annoying :P

Today was my one month weigh in; it's been 2 days shy of joining weight watchers and I'm pleased to say that I've lost 8.2 pounds and five inches! Not only that but I feel pretty damn good. I've got energy like crazy and my work outs have become much more productive. I'm more than halfway to my first goal (which makes me VERY happy) and once I hit the first goal, I'll be halfway to my SECOND goal-I like the way that works.

I've been tracking everything online at the weight watchers site; research says that people who use the online system lose more weight than those who do not use it and I can see why. You have numbers in front of you that are updated in real time; if you go over your points it doesn't yell at you or put your points in red, it just calmly adds them to your total. When you lose weight the system congratulates you, when you do not lose weight (or, gasp, gain)  it doesn't chastise you, instead it encourages you to go back to your previous week and see what small changes you can make to ensure your next week is a better week-which I really like. It's hard to be upset with yourself for gaining (like I did two weeks ago-thanks to an amazing anniversary cake AND two drinks...whoops) when the system isn't "mad" either, know what I mean?

Anyway, to sum it up; I'm losing pounds and inches and I'm gaining energy and optimism! I feel great and feel like this is finally "it" for me. I finally get it and my body seems to have gotten the memo as well! Hooray!

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Erica said...

That's my penguin!...er girl! So proud of you


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