Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

or something like that...

I have one basic rule for the kids getting dressed: their clothes must be clean and fit them properly. (wait. that's two rules, isn't it? hmm) Ok, I have TWO basic rules for the kids getting dressed: their clothes must be clean and must fit properly. Lol

As a general rule, the kids pick out decent looking outfits. I try to make sure that most of their clothes are interchangeable so that they can just grab and go. Gabe is partial to shorts and sleeveless tees in the summer and jeans and tees in the fall; he's easy peasy. Bits on the other hand is, um, crazy. She likes to wear dresses...and skirts...at the same time. Every single time she puts on a dress, she throws a skirt on under it. She likes to be poofy, she likes to twirl and be very twirly while doing so. She dresses in layers and makes tons of laundrylooks super cute.

Lately, though, she's been on a "wear Gabe's clothes" kick, even if it's just his socks-though her favorite thing to wear of his is a blue dinosaur outfit. Today, though, she decided to really "kick it up a notch" as far as her outfit went. She, quite frankly, looked like a colorblind hobo. *shakes head* I am glad she loves to wear colors and patterns, but sometimes I wonder about her choices. Today's outfit was a pink and white striped shirt, a bright orange SHEER tutu (from her recital), brown gaucho pants under the tutu, Gabriel's black and yellow batman socks, and blue and white flowered shoes with random yellow spots on them. She looked like a hot mess...but a HAPPY hot mess and that's really all that matters. People who saw her (we went to the gym this morning) grinned and made comments about how cute she was and how happy she was, so I suppose the color blind hobo outfit wasn't too awful after all, was it? You can be the judge-I'll post this awful cell phone picture of the two goofballs this morning.

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