Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Perspective

Tuesday we went and saw Gabriel's neurosurgeon; it was approximately 900 degrees out, traffic was awful (particularly since I took a wrong turn and ended up a few miles outside of Chicago-whoops) and of course, the a/c in our car isn't working. I went into the drs. office sweaty and annoyed, and despite the great news we got from the doctor, I was still annoyed-I had spent almost two hours in the car to go in and speak to the doctor for literally less than five minutes. We left the hospital with a two hour drive ahead of us and I was crabby to say the least. We were just about to the parking garage when an old man stopped us and started talking; now generally I will stop and chat with someone for a few minutes (or 20...or 30 as I did with the old woman two buildings over the other night ha ha) but I was hot and frustrated. HOWEVER, my parents raised me to respect my elders and I want Gabe and Bits to do the same, so we stood there and chatted. After our chat, we left and I was muttering quietly to myself about the drive when Gabriel suddenly said "wow. that was nice. It must be national nice people day because that man was VERY nice, don't you think?" and he smiled at me and grabbed my hand. He said "you're a nice person too Mom and today's your day too"

Now how in the world could I be annoyed after that? Sometimes a dose of perspective is all you need to turn around your whole I'm thankful for Gabe's perspective that hot and hazy day; it made an otherwise crappy day much better.

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Shay said...

Awwww, that's great! Gabe has the right idea! :)


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