Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Five: The haves and have nots

Here are five things that will not be happening this Christmas:
Gifts and cards that should have been mailed will not be on time
I will not unwrap a Lexus
Geo will not get a 700 inch tv or microchip sized blu ray player that plays movies on his glasses
Gabe and Bits will not have four million gifts under the tree
and finally
the dishes will never be caught up

*sigh* such is life...hehe

Here are at LEAST Five things that WILL happen this Christmas:
I will call home and every single one of my family members will greet me with "It's Christmas you idiot" and I will reply "It's Christmas you idiot" and then we'll laugh and wish each other a happy day

I will make far too much food and everyone will stuff themselves silly and barely be able to move

At least one person will cry over their gift, probably me, but hey, whatever

The kids will get too many gifts from everyone and will play blissfully on the floor for hours with them
and finally,

We will be surrounded by family and friends and will love the togetherness of it. Maybe we can even get Grandma Alice to swear again (it HAS been seven years since that fateful Christmas when Grandpa Harvey spilled a giant bottle of water on the kitchen floor and Alice ran in swearing...just sayin' haha)

And here are five things we have this year that make ME happy:

I have cookies from my grandmother's recipe that are sitting in a cookie jar that belonged to my great grandmother that MY mother made (lots of momma history in one little jar, huh?)

Listening to Bitsy sing her favorite Christmas song (which is "jingle bells batman smells, robin laid an egg, the batmobile lost its' wheel and the joker got away HEY") and then the resulting giggles from her "naughty" song

Watching Gabe and Bits under the tree, looking at gifts, whispering conspiratorially to one another about what might be in the packages.

I have an amazing husband; seriously amazing. I adore this man and am so happy to spending another Christmas with him

and I'm happy that being together with everyone will make everyone happy. The fact that being together makes everyone happy makes ME happy and Christmas is about being happy, right?

I hope you'll all have a wonderful holiday wherever you are and whomever you're with :)

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