Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh My

Today Bitsy had to go to the allergist to start her allergy shots. She's allergic to dust and mold and the doctor, Geo, and I decided that starting allergy shots now would be the best course of action. She's miserable pretty much all year long because you really can't get rid of all the dust in the house and mold is always somewhere.

So we went to the allergist, we walked into the back where she saw the GIANT needles (which were about half an inch in length, at most) and decided she wasn't doing it and took off running. She ran through the back room, out to the front of the office and out the door. When I finally caught up with her, she was sitting in the car with the doors locked sobbing. She screamed "I AM NOT DOING THIS YOU CAN'T MAKE ME GO AWWWWAY"

I got her out of the car-literally kicking and screaming the whole way and wrestled her back into the office for the shots. She continued to carry on until good ole Dr. G came out to talk to her. She LOVES Dr. G, even if she does think his hair is "super creepy". Dr. G came out and talked to her and calmed her down and we got the shots taken care of. Oh the drama. THE DRAAAAMA.

 After she got five hundred stickers and an ice pack, we sat in the waiting room to make sure she wasn't going to have a reaction. Bits and Aubrey (who came with us because she likes to come with us and she KNEW we were going to play with bunnies after the appointment) sat in the waiting room like two little old ladies; they were comparing stories about getting shots and going to the doctor. That calmed Bitsy down significantly and the office staff finally stopped laughing about the whole thing. I was mortified to be very honest and wanted nothing more than to come home and have a cold beer or seventeen...

We went and pet some bunnies, we bought stuffed bunnies, annnnd we had slurpees and all was right with the world again...until next week when we go back for round two. (did I mention we have 35 straight weeks of two shots a week, followed by three months of two shots every other week, followed by three months of two shots every third week???) Now where's that beer?

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Erica said...

I'll bring you a beer when we run off to marry Bacon


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