Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday: The Littlest Thing

I'm thankful today for Bitsy and Bam, who are the littlest things in our house but often give me the biggest laughs. Bam is a dog trapped in a cats' body; he's been crying every time the kiddos go outside because he wants to play with them, unfortunately he's incredibly dumb and we live on a busy road so he cannot go though, Bits and I got him a harness and a leash and my goodness, what a happy kitty and a happy Bitsy we have! I'm not sure WHO was happier, Bits or Bam (or me, who laughed the whole time they were outside exploring!)

1 comment:

KimiSutra said...

HA! that's an adorable pic of bam and bits. totally reminds me of my marley cat when he was lil and loved to go for walks outside with me.


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