Saturday, June 6, 2009

*ding ding* round two...

Is over :) Gabe had his second cast taken off yesterday with AWESOME results. He is at 20 degrees of motion (absolutely normal range for a five year old!) He had no skin breakdowns or blistering, thank God. He spent most of the day yesterday playing with his new bat and batting tee...and reading his fan mail. Thank you to all of you who've been so sweet and sent him a post card/letter/what have you. He's absolutely LOVED getting mail for the last few days. You've all really brightened his days!

The next step is the consult with his regular ortho for botox...and if he won't do it, we have a back up doctor in place who WILL do it...will keep everyone posted.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, thanks for all of the well wishes in the past few weeks :)

1 comment:

erin said...

I've been so bad at keeping up that I missed your post last week about sending Gabe mail! Glad to hear the casting was a success!


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