Monday, June 1, 2009

the good, the bad, and the ugly

Good news...Gabe's skin was *perfect* when his cast was taken off, absolutely perfect. The therapist was quite pleased when she took it off and saw that he looked great.

Bad news...We have four more days of casting, which isn't *too* bad, but bad enough

The ugly news...Gabe fought the entire time we were at the office. It started from the minute we walked in to the therapy room until right before we left. I had to physically restrain him while his cast was being cut off; something he normally loves and then it took TWO of us to hold him down while his therapist was starting the second cast. I was shocked, actually, at his behavior; he's so mild mannered and while he's not an angel all the time, he generally has no issue with casting. He screamed and hollered and kicked and slapped today. It was horrible. Physically casting doesn't bother him, however it seems that psychologically it is taking its' toll. Perfect strangers commenting on his casted leg certainly do not help the situation either...

If you'd all keep Gabe in your prayers, that would be wonderful...and if anyone wants to cheer him up a bit, he LOVES mail. loves loves loves it! He thinks postcards are fabulous, actually. If you'd like to send him something please email me for our address :)

Thanks for all of your kind words, good thoughts, and prayers for Gabriel and his continued journey with the day to day dealings with Spina Bifida...we appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

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