Friday, June 12, 2009

What are you doing?

If you ask SarahAnne this question, more often than not she answers "no" Up until about a week ago, neither Geo or I had ANY clue what that meant. Geo was out in the garage with SarahAnne and asked her "What're you doing Bitsy girl??" She immediately answered, in a sing songy voice "noooo daddy" when it suddenly hit him that she must mean NOTHING when she says no. He asked "are you doing nothing Bits?" she grinned and said "yup, doing no!" Duh mom and dad ;)

Finally after almost a week of rain and cool weather, we were able to get out to the park today. The park we go to has sand instead of grass so we were all able to kick off our shoes and play in the sand by ourselves this morning. After well over an hour of romping around, both kiddos had had enough of the park and got into the car without complaint. We came home and had some lunch and they are now watching "lady and the tramp" and enjoying it thoroughly.

George has his first weekend off in six weeks starting in less than an hour, we are ALL looking forward to it, even if we do have thunderstorms forecasted, at least we'll all be together, right?! Plus our friends Laurie and Thomas are coming to barbecue with us and watch "Benjamin Button" tomorrow afternoon. Good friends, good food, good movie-what else could you ask for?!

Enjoy your weekend everyone :)

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