Saturday, June 27, 2009

We Made It!

I've worked nearly 30 hours in the last three and a half days, which, I mean, really isn't a LOT of hours BUT when one hasn't worked outside the home in nearly 2 years, ten hour days really whoop your butt. This morning I was on my own making donuts; the donut machine affectionately referred to as "Lucy" is a two year old. Child. Yes, the donut machine is a two year old child; temperamental with a mind of her own but basically good. ha ha.

The kids seem to be adjusting fine to me being out of the house; granted, most mornings they haven't even been awake when I get home (I work the four a.m. to nine a.m. shift) but training at the library has been a bit harder; they know where I am but can't just come "hang" out with momma. Gabe, of course, is used to me working, SarahAnne, however is not. She seems to need a whole lot of extra cuddles lately, but that's alright, cuddles are a good thing.

We did a tie dye event with the library today; I have a fabulous picture of THIRTY tie dyed shirts to post a little later on, as well as pictures from "Night Out With the Fire Department" that Geo and the kids participated in earlier this week. I swear, small towns have the *best* summer going ons, it definitely makes up for the boring winters :)

xoxo to all :) Hope you are doing well

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