Sunday, August 2, 2009

August Already?!

Is it really, truly the second day in August already?! This has been the coolest summer on record in Illinois in 138 years...we have had three 90 degree days since May. I know it sounds weird to complain that we haven't had any "hot" days, but man oh man, summer just doesn't seem like summer without the heat, does it? They are expecting a jump in temperatures for August, but so far the ten day forecast is saying we are going to be in the high 70's and low 80's.

We are t-minus six days until our vacation! We've decided to spend six days in Harbor Beach with my family this year (a sort of "staycation" if you will, just 350 miles from OUR home he he) The kids are giddy at the prospect of seeing their Aunt Buzzy and grandparents-and of course, grandma and grandpa's new kitten Sig. We'll be seeing aunts and uncles and cousins...and I hear that there is a fishing trip planned for the "guys" as well. We're planning on heading to the Cheeseburger Festival one day while we are up there...Jimmy Buffet, the beach, and cheeseburgers...can life get any better?? he he.

After coming home it's back to reality. Gabe sees Dr. Big Time (his kidney/bladder specialist) in Chicago before school starts and then...the big day...August 26-the *first day of school* As the date gets closer, Gabe gets more and more giddy about the prospect of riding the bus and being with kids all morning. I'm giddy at the prospect of having some time with just Bitsy in the mornings. My classes start on the 24th, actually, but since they are all online I don't get buy a new backpack or ride the bus-I'll live though :)

Now it's time to hang the laundry and maybe go to the park for a little while while it's sunny and bright out!

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Rachel said...

Have fun in HB!! Eat a cheeseburger for me :)


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