Tuesday, November 24, 2009

you get in, you get done, and then you get gone

Today is our first of two nerve wracking appointments with Gabriel this week. Today we go for our evaluation/consultation at the family therapist, ironically enough WITHOUT Geo because this is one of the busiest weeks of the year for him and he cannot leave work because of it. Thankfully he doesn't actually have be there, it's just an initial consult but after this appt his attendance will be necessary. I've been stressed out about the appointment (more so about tomorrow's though, to be honest. Neuropsychologist is a scary word he he)

The more I think about what's going on with Gabe and everything else, the more I find myself questioning whether there actually is something going on or *if* this is normal behavior for a five year old. I'd like to think that Gabe could tell me what's going on, but he can't, he's only five...but if he could maybe it would go something like this:
I'm five. I know I have other things going on, things I can't barely pronounce let alone explain, but I am five years old. I know I am hyper and bounce and crash into people, but so do other five year olds. I know I don't pay the best attention in school or even when you talk to me, but heck, neither do other five year olds! I'm a kid first and have a disability second. I am not my disability nor can all the things I do/say/have happen pertain to my disability. My "labels" are just that: a label. They mean nothing to me and they shouldn't to you either. You're my mom, you always do right by me, even when it's a tough decision and you should follow your instinct in this situation too. I am five and some times five year olds are pains in the butt (but not as bad as two year olds, right mom?) sometimes we do things we shouldn't, sometimes we act like wild banshees and get into trouble...but we're also five. No one expects five year olds to behave like perfect angels all the time, now do they? I didn't think so. You're always saying this to other people and it makes them feel better, so I'm going to say it to you: Just Breathe.

(thanks Gabe, I needed that)


erin said...

I wish Gabe (or Sam!) would have written me a letter last summer and this past spring when Sam was getting the boot from two different daycares... :)

erin said...
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