Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gabe to the rescue!

This afternoon, after a leisurely shower, I helped SarahAnne get dressed. As I was putting on her elmo undiepants (as she refers to them as) I held out her clothes to her so she could get dressed. She put on a pair of black pants then a blue Tinkerbell shirt (standard outfit lately, pants and a tink shirt. We MUST find more tink shirts, I am so sick of washing the same two over and over ha ha) After the tinkerbell shirt was on she looked down at herself, sighed, and said "Oh no, I'm not Batman anymore" and started to get a bit weepy. Gabe, ever the quick thinker, said to her "Your bottom half is still like Batman Bits, it's all black just like Batman! You're HALF Batman and that's still part of Batman!" She smiled and said "oh! half batman, OK" and ran to her bedroom (probably to get her bat-belt, but I can't be sure)

Ah yes, Gabriel has come to Mom's rescue once again...I guess he felt like he owed it to me since all week he's been relentlessly quizzing me (and I've been failing miserably, I might add) on state capitals, state locations, and bones in the body. Thanks for the help buddy, I needed it! :)

It's apparent that I need to get some new pictures of the kiddos on the pc...all of the pics I have are a few weeks old whoops!

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