Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Five: Five Funny Kids Sayings

Kids say the funniest things (and they're often incredibly cute) In no particular order, five things that have made me laugh out loud this week as said by Gabe and Bits:

Gabe kissed me last night and said "Oh I love you, my big beautiful tulip"

Bits was sorting through coins and picked out a nickel and a quarter; she looked at them, looked at me and said "alright, which one of these is the quarter? I need a quarter for gum and YOU need to tell me which is which"

At dinner last night, we were talking about our old cat Jax. Gabe smiled and said "Oh Jax, like jackass...three the movie. Or jackass the movie. Ha ha. I said Jackass but it's a movie and not a bad word"

At the allergist yesterday morning, Bits had to have five little needles in her skin for the second round of testing. After the shot, she had little blood spots on her arm. She touched them and said "Oh, these are blood polka dots" and laughed her little head off.

and finally, number five...(which I am going to admit, isn't my kiddo, but from my godson Liver Lips when he was little...)
When Liver Lips (aka Cameron) was itty bitty he couldn't say Chrissi and George, instead he called us Tiss and Jew and would sing a little song about it. He also used to call a hammer a hamburger and none of us is quite sure why, however to this day it's hilarious (and boy, I hope he doesn't read the blog or he's gonna be quite irate with Aunt Tiss :P)

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