Friday, June 10, 2011

A Friday Five Saga: Bitsy and the Bees

When we were in Michigan, Bits was stung by a bee:
bee Pictures, Images and Photos
and she was sad and mad...
She swore that day that she'd always "hate bees"
Whenever we go to pick George up from work, we drive by some bee hives and I say to Bitsy "oh Bitsy, there's your beeeeeees"
And she always says "I HATE BEES!"

One day she was talking to our friend Jon about how much she hates bees because she was stung by one and it hurt. Jon (an advocate for Bees-I had no idea) is Bitsy's future husband, according to her, and explained that bees die when they sting people and she shouldn't hate something that died because she was scared.
 Now anytime we go by the bee hives and I say "Bitsy, there's your beeeees" She says "I'm sorry bees, I don't hate you, you die when you sting people. Sorry you died when you stung me, bee"
So now, Bitsy loves bees and we love Bitsy, so it all works out :)

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erin said...

Okay, this is completely adorable :)


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