Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Look at me! I'm 81 and I can do it"

Yesterday I saw the doctor for a full check up, my first full check up in a couple of years and long story short, my weight is becoming a problem for the rest of my body. In the past I've been heavy but my blood pressure has been fine etc etc. HOWEVER this time, not so much (I'll have blood work results later this week, though I'm sure it's going to show that the dr. was right in insisting I lose this weight) The doc suggested I go to our local Weight Watchers for some guidance and support.

This morning I went to my first meeting; I was apprehensive, nervous, fill in your own adjective at this point to describe how I was feeling about being there. I was sitting in a chair and a woman looked at me, smiled and said "you can do this" I smiled and thanked her and she said "Look at me! I'm 81 and I can do it, so there's no reason YOU can't" I told her that I appreciated her telling me that and that I'd like to be 81 at some point as well. She said "Then what are you waiting for? Just do it! You're going to do great, I promise"

And you know what? I *am* going to do great because I *DO* want to be 81 and active and telling whippersnappers that THEY can do it.

So as of today, I'm an active participant in not only Weight Watchers, but also my life, not just for me or my family or friends, but for my 81 year old self whom I have the next 50 years to become.

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go you girl!


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