Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mommas Helping Mommas

Not too long ago, eight months ago, maybe, I was lamenting the fact that it was hard being an outsider in the middle of nowhere, especially since Geo and I are not "main stream" parents (We're more the barefoot, breastfeeding, co sleeping liberal parents lol)

Children are the great equalizer, though, and we've made some pretty good friends out here, friends who don't think it's weird that I nursed Bits until she was nearly two, friends who have children who sleep in their beds, the whole bit. It's great not being the odd balls :)

A dear friend of ours is pregnant and, like most of us, doesn't have a whole lot of money. It's been amazing to see how quickly our little group of girlfriends has been able to pull together maternity clothes, cloth diapers, baby clothes, and all sorts of things she's going to need in the next few months (years even!)

A friend recently blogged about mothers tearing each other apart on the internet (and in "real" life as well) and it so true. A lot of us (myself included, I'm ashamed to admit) take out our insecurities on other mommas. Formula vs breastmilk, cribs vs co sleeping, cloth vs disposable, heck even naming your child can turn into a major battle.

I'm so thankful that I'm part of a group of wonderful mommas, who rather than cut down or ridicule one another for our parenting choices, root each other on and help each other; we're all of the "village" mindset and have no qualms about asking for help when we need it, whether it's a sitter for the morning (thank you Tiff and Miranda) or a shoulder to lean on when we're having a particularly rough day (thanks Steph) or maybe it's maternity clothes and a reassuring email saying that NO you're not fat, you are a gorgeous momma-to-be.

Women can be their own worst enemies; I'm glad to be part of a group of mommas who don't behave that's to you, ladies!

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Mrs. Addison said...

Thank you for the link. I know I have been guilty of it as well and I really try to think ahead now when speaking about others.
I am also very fortunate to have met good online friends (like you & Marisa) and have a couple in real life that are understanding, share my ideas and would be there for me for anything! :)


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