Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Plague O' Both Your Houses...

Since we had nothing better to do this weekend, we thought perhaps we'd share a flu bug with our good friends the Kuf's. In retrospect, this was a *bad* idea, a VERY bad idea, because between the two families, we've had six sick kids, two sick husbands, and two sick mommas. EVERYONE knows that when momma is sick, there's trouble and boy oh boy was there trouble this week.

I am fairly certain we've done more laundry in the last week than we do in a month, Geo and I have missed more work this week than in many many months (I haven't missed two days of work since starting in July) and Gabe has missed two days of school, possibly three, depending on how he feels in the morning.

The last time we got sick was right around this time in 2008. Why would I remember that? Only because the kids got horribly sick, Geo got horribly sick, and I did not. No, no, momma did NOT get the flu bug, instead she ended up with emergency surgery in the middle of a blizzard...that was fun...or not :P

We are all on the up and up now, looking forward to not getting a flu bug again for another two years, which will be too soon, but at least we're safe for a while.

Hope you're all healthy and NOT getting over the plague like we are...whew...

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