Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Bitsy Post

My little SarahAnne, my little bitsy girl...my little screaming, won't sleep, doesn't want to eat, only likes to say no MONSTER will be three in March. Where in the world did the time go??

She's so independent, she rarely needs Geo or I for anything anymore. It's amazing the personality differences between Gabe and SarahAnne. I know that no two children are alike, but I am fairly certain that every personality trait Gabe has, SarahAnne does not and vice versa. She is loud and boisterous, she thinks the cats are her living dolls, and she is fairly certain SHE is the boss of the house-going so far as to make the "grocery list" each week. This last week her grocery list consisted of oranges, nail polish remover, and cheese. *shakes head* She keeps us on her toes, that is for sure.

Yesterday Gabe went to a friends' house, by himself. She is finally used to him going to school and now has to deal with him going places without her. She was NOT pleased and spent the afternoon in "train wreck" mode as Geo and I are fond of calling it. She looked forlornly out the window every few minutes for her bruhby, she sniffled at the mere mention of his name, and had full on meltdowns when you dared ask her to step away from the window. She ended up eating half a dozen snacks (cheese and oranges of course!) and taking a nap, much to my relief. Good God, I dread the day he goes off to college!

When we first got Cicero, he was a bit of a pistol (ok, who am I kidding? He still is, he's six months old lol) One day I walked up to Bitsy's room (which is currently being painted Tinkerbell green and pink-gag me)in time to hear her say to Boni "Your friend Cicero is NOT nice, if he can't be nice he cannot come to our house anymore. Tell him to be nice, ok?" I stifled a laugh and watched Boni stroll out of her room, twitching his tail as he went and looking up at me as if to say "How much do I get paid to deal with her?" I've noticed Boni is a bit plump lately-I guess the cat treats she's been smuggling to him for the last week or so are his "payment" huh?

And now it's off to the kitchen with my mini Julia Child to make guacamole, or as she calls it "Abacados"

Mama Bits hard at work on her shopping list

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Mrs. Addison said...

I can't believe she's going to be three! They are both so adorable.

Ellie is the same way about Zeke when he goes somewhere that she doesn't get to. She's started crawling after him around the house, yelling because he's going faster than she can move! :D


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