Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy made an appearance at our house last night, leaving a charming little note and two dollars for Gabriel's SECOND lost tooth. Gabe doesn't quite grasp the concept of the tooth fairy yet and Grandpa's picture of the tooth fairy confused him further.

Apparently, Gabe did NOT like the idea of this guy coming in and taking his tooth. I assured him that picture was a joke and that the tooth fairy looked like Tinkerbell. As soon as the word Tinkerbell was out of my mouth little miss me too was at my side asking when HER teeth would come out and if she could SEE the Tinkerbell tooth fairy. *shakes head* silly girl.

Gabe's tooth had been loose for a few days, he was patient with it, not wiggling like crazy, just occasionally moving it with his tongue. Yesterday the kids wanted a "poison" apple to snack on and not thinking, I handed them both a whole apple. About five minutes later Gabe came down the stairs and said "oh here, have this tooth" and handed me an itty bitty tooth with blood dribbling down his chin. He rinsed his mouth and went on with the business of eating his apple. He is so nonchalant about these sorts of things which is how I imagine his father was when it came to losing teeth.

I tried to get a picture of the gap but he refused to allow me, apparently getting a picture of the FIRST missing tooth was quite enough for him. It's so odd to see him with an adult tooth; so odd to think that here he is, almost six and he has a tooth in his mouth that he'll have for the rest of his life. It makes me feel so old that he's big enough to have ADULT teeth already, but that's life, right??

Now onto our next adventure...

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