Monday, November 5, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Is it just me or did Monday come reallllly quickly this week? This was the first weekend Hh has had off in three weeks and the first weekend in about two months where we were all feeling healthy and the weather cooperated so we could actually get out of the house. I know a lot of guys would be pretty put off if their wife gave them a honey do list on their only weekend off in weeks, but Hh is a stand up guy, so he wasn't too cross with me :) The yard now looks fantastic...well for the most part; the neighbor's giant tree dumped a ton of leaves last night and they ended up in our yard, but other than that, things look great. We caught up on the laundry, we watched some tv, we took the kids bowling, we went out to lunch with some friends and we both got some much needed sleep. All in all, it was a pretty darn good weekend...but it ended too quickly. Oh well, such is life, Geo's back to work now until the day before Thanksgiving and then he'll have a nice long weekend to spend with us...of course we'll be busy but at least we'll be together :)

This week is looking fairly quiet unless of course, our teachers end up on strike as it looks like they will be, then we'll have the kiddos home with us for a while but that's ok, they can help me plan Thanksgiving dinner (lucky them!! haha)

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