Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tell the Truth Tuesday: Thanksgiving Dinner

A lot of people dread cooking for Thanksgiving...but not me. I freaking love it! I love being in the kitchen for hours at a time, snipping and snapping at people, sweating, and being covered in glop and sauce and every thing you can imagine. I love basting the turkey and smelling its' delicious aroma, I love the cranberries popping, and the potatoes boiling. Why do I love these things? (and YES I do love them, for once in my life, I am *not* being facetious about it) because I love that all that chaos turns into a delicious dinner with family. I love that after all that work, I can sit down with a cold diet coke and a full plate in front of me and hear chomping and laughing and slurps. Afterward, when we're all done eating and Geo is in the kitchen picking at the turkey and someone is scraping the whipped cream bowl to get the last little bits I am able to sit back and relax knowing that all of my hard work has paid off and everyone is happy and full and content and that's the best part for me. Om nom nom, time to get into the kitchen and start my prep for Thursday! Happy turkey day everyone!!

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