Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stop This Train

I wanna get off...

It's been such a long busy week; I managed to miss Thankful Thursday (I'm thankful for friends who are like family) and Friday Five (five things I am doing this weekend: cleaning, cooking, changing bedrooms around, laundry, crochet) and blah.

Our dear friend Sukey who is like a second momma to me, actually she's older than MY own momma, which isn't hard since even I am older than my mom at this point-she looks great for 29...haha-was admitted to the hospital on Thursday morning with very high blood sugars and ugh. I don't often get overly emotional, however on the phone with her son, listening to her husband (our very favorite sailor Jimmy) and her daughter crying, I kind of lost it in that ridiculous high pitched way that I hate. The whole day was just shot-I couldn't think of anything except how in the hell I'd deal without her being there and how could I get to Boston to be with them and UGH. I'm happy to say that she is doing better, however I believe I am still going to have go out there and lecture her on putting herself first...much like my own mother..and me..hmm I see a trend here.

Gabe started a new add medicine Friday and I've been conflicted about it...I didn't want to do it but at this point school work is becoming an issue, not because he doesn't know HOW to do it but because he is so inattentive that he CAN'T do it. The first day was really rough however today, day three, he seems to be adjusting to it fairly well, which puts my mind at ease. It was very hard hearing him tell me that the meds were making him very angry and it felt like his blood was battling itself and making him want to explode. *sigh* We talked about it yesterday and he said it doesn't feel that way anymore but his head still feels a little bit buzzy, which I suppose is to be expected anytime you take a drug that alters your brain chemistry. I wish this were easier.

Two weeks ago, at my insistence to the doctor that something was NOT right in my body, he tested my A1C levels and my blood sugar and lo and behold, I am diabetic-not badly, just enough that if I don't get it together I WILL eventually be on meds and all sorts of junk I don't want. I'm taking classes to help manage my diet and what not. I was diabetic both times I was pregnant (so it wasn't a huge surprise that my A1C was a little higher than it should be) so I know what I am supposed to do, it's just a matter of getting there. I'm okay until it comes to the evening; I am an evening muncher. I like to watch tv and snack. I'm working on doing things with my hands at night when I am watching tv so that the temptation isn't there. Last night I crocheted a Christmas stocking for SuperBaby, tonight I am going to work on a baby hat and matching stocking for a friends' grandson...guess everyone should expect handmade gifts this year...and maybe in the process my fasting blood sugars will go down haha.

Finally, today is Veteran's Day and I'm so thankful for the Vets in our lives (G da G, Great Grandpa Harvey, my grandmother and grandfathers, my father, my uncle, Geo's sister and brother in law, my cousin's husband, our friend Tommy, our favorite Sailor Jimmy (who wasn't a sailor, but that's beside the point), Jimmy's son Nelson, and so on and so on...we're so lucky to have so many people who were willing to sacrifice their own lives and safety for those of us who were/are unable to...we're also thankful for those we don't know by name, but who fought for us regardless. If you see a vet today, thank him or her---and give thanks that all of these people were so willing to sacrifice for US and our country.

Let's hope next week is a better week for all of'll start today when the kids and I go to the animal fest at the fairgrounds-lots of dogs and cats and other furry creatures to snuggle with...can't go wrong with that :D

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Shalynne Addison said...

I'm an evening muncher as well - I love watching TV and snacking...a very bad habit. Prayers for your friend & her family and that next week is more promising!


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