Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oooh What a Lucky Man He Was

Gabe saw his fancy-smanchy new urologist today (we've seen him once before, but it was a while ago) Gabe's bladder is relatively normal, of course he has some irregularities being that he has spina bifida and all, but all things considered-totally normal. He gave us some interesting perspective that I'm going to share with all of pretty much blew our minds...

Out of all children with spina bifida, approximately 90% of them have OPEN lesions. Gabe has a closed lesion, which puts him in the ten percent of "luckier" children. Out of that TEN percent only 5-10% of those children can use the bathroom they way Gabe can. So, he's in the luckiest 5-10% of the 10% of the luckiest children with spina bifida...he's nearly one in a million (ok, not quite, but to us he is)

Pretty mind blowing, huh? That's what we thought!

1 comment:

Mrs. Addison said...

That's wonderful to hear! Go Gabe!

(Also I just have to add that the word verification for me at the moment is "efingly" which made me giggle! haha)


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