Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air in a BIG way in the Witkowski house; I've been spring cleaning-windows, neglected areas of the kitchen floor (that were previously covered by something), going through the kids' clothes for spring and summer, and you know, tackling a major painting project two weeks before having family and friends over for a birthday party for the kids.

Yes, I'm kind of insane. Scratch that, I *am* insane. SarahAnne has decided she no longer has a need for a bedroom upstairs with all of us. She's given up her sunny bright room, her ballerina clad bed, and her large closet to take up residence in the guest room *sigh* She's so strange. Of course, the guest bedroom IS nice. It's big with a high ceiling with a ceiling fan, a decent sized closet, and, best of all for her, a large queen sized bed. For whatever reason, the princess thinks she needs a queen sized bed to herself. For a lot of people this would probably be a no go, but since Bits rarely sleeps and has slept peacefully and for ten to twelve hours at a stretch since moving downstairs, I'm not fighting it...I'm just irritated that I had half of her room upstairs painted Tinkerbell green...

The upstairs bedroom is now a gorgeous pale slate blue. Almost a sky blue but with a touch of gray. I love it and can't wait to get white curtains and a border put up. Both of which will be done more than likely, this weekend, because as I mentioned above, we have company coming. Like I said...insane.

In addition to a double birthday party with approximately 20 people coming, I am also in the process of planning a large fund raising breakfast for the library. We're having it April 25 and anyone local who wants pancakes and eggs cooked by me (well, maybe, we haven't really figured out who is doing the cooking yet) should come on out!! We'll be having a silent auction with lots of goodies and you might even get to hear me read a story or two to the fun. Support your local libraries people!!

And now...back to the never ending pile of laundry that is calling me...UGH

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