Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Was His Brain Turned?

Gabe, for those who do not know it, loves Abraham Lincoln; one might even say he obsessively loves Abraham Lincoln. He's always looking for new information on him and thanks to our good friend Jimmy (hey Sailor!) he's gotten quite a bit of info; even how his body was transported back to Illinois (on a train, the most exciting way, in Gabe's opinion, to travel, alive OR dead ha ha)

This morning we were discussing something (his shoes? art class? who knows?) and good ole honest Abe was brought up. Gabe said, "well you know, Abraham Lincoln (always Abraham Lincoln, he never calls him Abe or the Abester, or any variation, just ABRAHAM LINCOLN haha) was shot in the head" Then he made the head jerk motion that I suppose a person being shot would make, which was disturbing, not gonna lie, but anyway, as usual, I digress. I asked him who shot him and he said "John Wilkes Booth, did you know he was an actor?" I said yes, and then asked "why do you think Booth shot President Lincoln?" Gabe said "He didn't like him and he was very sick in the head" I said "What does that mean?" He said "I'm not sure, maybe his brain was turned and that's why he was sick?" I agreed, that maybe it was and it was too bad that he shot P. Lincoln, Gabe concurred then asked if we could go outside.

What a little weirdo; he can talk about Lincoln at the drop of a (stove pipe) hat and then go right back on to the next subject. I wish I spend even ONE hour in Gabe's brain, I bet it's the most fantastic thing ever. It would be going a million miles a minute and would be so entertaining.

This summer we are hoping to take Gabe to Springfield to see Lincoln's home and all the other various Lincoln things. We went through Kentucky on our way to see Geo's sister in TN a while back and at the welcome center we stopped at, there was a big sign proclaiming that Kentucky was the "Birthplace of Lincoln" Gabe couldn't read, but asked me to read the sign. He was VERY irate that Kentucky was trying to "steal" Abraham Lincoln's history and said "who cares, he grew UP in Illinois, that's where he's FROM, not Kentucky" and I swear, the child muttered for fifteen minutes about Lincoln and Kentucky. I just hope that a trip to Springfield doesn't end with us having a rail fence around the house and having to wear stove pipe hats; that would be unfortunate all the way around; none of us look good in those sorts of hats and rail road ties are hard to find :P

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erin said...

Hahaha! I'm still laughing at "at the drop of a (stove pipe) hat" :) I think Sam and Gabe would have some really interesting conversations if we lived closer to one another. :)


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