Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pass Me the Crunchers

Bits has her own language; she often substitutes words when she doesn't know the word to describe the item she's speaking about.

For example, popsicles are called lu lu's in our house. I have no idea why, but it's stuck. One day while grocery shopping, Geo yelled to "hey babe, do we need lu lu's?" Of course we do, we ALWAYS need lu lu's in our house.

The other day I was eating soup, WITHOUT crackers (Hey, why ruin a good minestrone with crackers, know what I'm saying?) Bits walked up, peered into my bowl and said "what, no crunchers?"

Listening to her speak is always an adventure, deciphering what she says is an even LARGER adventure. Half the time she talks I don't know what know what she's talking about and Geo has to decode or vice versa. A few nights ago we were talking about our favorite birds; SarahAnne said hers was a wood pecker. Geo, however, couldn't understand what she said. He thought she said weed whacker and was THOROUGHLY confused. I tried not to laugh TOO hard at him. After I translated he said "well that makes SO much sense than a weed whacker"

At least she keeps it interesting, right? Or as she would say "trestin" :P

1 comment:

erin said...

I love Bitsy language :) "Crunchers" ranks right up there with "sneezers"


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