Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Five-Pop-a-palooza part 4

Today's Friday Five is also a Pop-a-palooza post!

Grandpa Jeff is a pretty cool guy; in no particular our favorite five things about Grandpa Jeff:

1. Grandpa Jeff likes to play video games with the kids...Gabe especially loves this and watching the two of them play together is always fun.

2. Grandpa Jeff LOVES Bitsy in pig tails; so much so that Bits INSISTS that she MUST wear pig tails anytime we go to Grandpa's house.

3. Grandpa Jeff has lots of fun stories to tell about being a kid; some of the adventures he's been in are almost so silly you don't know whether he's teasing or not.

4. Grandpa Jeff is an excellent bowler and has taught Geo many many things about bowling.

and finally, our fifth favorite thing about Grandpa Jeff is that he's ours :) We're lucky to call him grandpa; the kids adore him and Geo and I think he's pretty alright too :)

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