Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pop-a-palooza Part Five

Part five of pop-a-palooza is dedicated to my second favorite dad in the whole wide world; Geo.

Geo is an excellent father and a perfect compliment to me when it comes to parenting. He's rock solid, calm, playful, gentle, and pretty much just amazing. If I would have been able to handpick the man who would be the father of my children I'd pick him over anyone else.

The other day the kids were outside underneath "their" tree (it's the smallest on the property; big enough that it's shady for them if they sit under it but small enough that they can get a ball out of it if it's stuck in the branches) Geo came up behind me to look at what they were doing and he said "I've always wanted a tree for my kids to sit under on a sunny day-I love that they are enjoying doing it" He takes pleasure in the simple things and has passed that to our children.

I love you Geo, Happy Father's Day :) ♥♥

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