Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pop-a-palooza Part Three

(Bet you thought I forgot about Pop-a-palooza, didn't you??)

Today's post is in honor of uncles...the kiddos have a great group of guys in their lives that we're so happy to call uncle. My brother Dave, is "funcle" the fun uncle. He always has a dollar to slip them and then a convenient trip to the store to buy candy. Geo's brother JD is the goofy uncle; always saying silly things like "hey nobody likes a whiner" and then laughing louder than anyone else about it. Recently he earned the title "Hawks" uncle when he and Gabe watched a Hawks game together and danced around cheering for the Hawks...then Gabe and Bits have Uncle Levi, who plays a mean game of Candy Land, Uncle Stephen who loves the Florida Gators and tries to convert the kids when he sees them, Uncle Trav who lives in Michigan and knows all the words to the Veggie Tales songs the kids love and Uncle Dole who likes to wrestle, eat cars, and enjoys going to the zoo as much as the kiddos do.

We're very lucky to have so many great role models in our family for the kids to look up to :) Happy Father's Day uncles!!

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