Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Mr. Meow

Boni is one of our two black cats; he's our "crabby old man" cat (as he's affectionately referred to around here) We adopted him two years ago from our local animal shelter. We went into the shelter, Gabriel leaned down to talk to him, and Boni sat up and rubbed his head all over Gabe's face. We checked out a lot of cats that day, but Boni was the one we kept coming back to-and he kept coming back to us. He was two when we adopted him; there was little chance that anyone else was going to adopt him-everyone wants a kitten, not a two year old cat who has been sitting in a shelter most of his life. Not us, we loved him and felt that he had chosen us-SO he came home with us and the rest is happy kitty history...until two days ago or so. Sunday night was SO warm (65 degrees) We figured since it was probably the last warm day for a while, the cats should go out and get some fresh air and do a little hunting. Monday morning Jax came in but Boni didn't, which is a bit out of the ordinary, but we weren't TOO worried at this point. Yesterday morning, though, when Boni STILL hadn't come in, we started to get worried.

Geo and I both bundled up and went out to look for him. Geo found him behind a pile of wood in the shed; the problem was that he was stuck and we weren't sure how to get him out. I started moving planks of wood-which after getting Boni out I was not able to move at all-I've never really believed that "super human" strength bs that people talk about but since Geo was barely able to move them, I guess maybe it's not so much bs after all...we got him out and realized he was very hurt. He had ripped out more than once claw trying to get himself out of the spot he was stuck at. I took him to the shelter we had adopted him from to get him taken care of, crying the whole way-thank GOD we live in the country, no one could see me LOL

After a few hours of waiting, Boni was ready to come home. He's sore, he's limping, and he's on three different medications but he's going to be fine, thank goodness. Lesson learned-no kitty should be outside-even if they've been fine every single other time they've been out. We're all so glad Boni is home and safe.

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