Sunday, November 14, 2010

Black Friday HUZZAH!

Because of the generosity of two people who shall remain nameless, though they know who they are (and are so wonderful-thank you a million times over G da G's) Geo and I for the first time ever are going to get some Christmas gifts on Black Friday...or so we thought.

Last night after the kids went to bed we excited sat down at the computer with a pencil and a pad of paper, prepared to make our list of bargains. We clicked over to black friday ad site with high hopes...we sat for two hours looking at ads, mumbling to ourselves and each other. The words "wow" and "I'm not impressed" were the two most common things said...because really, the ads were completely underwhelming. We don't go insane with gifts for the kids at Christmas, because in our family Christmas is a time for family and friends and celebrating the birth of Jesus. We usually spend about a hundred dollars for everything under the tree and in stockings-I am good at finding sales and thrifting.

Finally though, we hit PAY DIRT. Oh yeah, my pencil was ready, my pad was a blank slate ready to be written on. The most important list of the year, right???

We clicked on the Walgreen's ad and heck yeah, there it was! Exactly what we've been looking for.......ready for it?? READY FOR IT????

Our favorite laundry soap is on sale for $1.99 and they have memory foam pillows for $5.99.

WOOOOOHOOOOO!! PAY DIRT!! We wrote both things down and then began planning how we could manage to get as many bottles of laundry soap as possible with the two bottles per person limit...hmmm, could Gabe be considered a person? Could we hit up multiple Walgreen's and buy two bottles each? Wait wait wait, could we maybe tell friends about it so we could get ALL THE BOTTLES??

Clearly, Geo and I need to get out more. CLEARLY we've become "boring" as Gabriel would say (His new word is BORING. I am boring. GEO is boring. Going to bed is boring. At night he gives me a BORING kiss-meaning he barely touches my face with his lips while he rolls his eyes-we are SO BORING-I told him to use the word mundane, it isn't nearly as annoying as hearing BORING all day long)

Laundry soap on Black Friday...what happened to us? We used to be cool; we used to be hip...we used to be AWESOME Clearly we are not anymore...unless of course you consider clean laundry and a good nights' sleep awesome (which we do) so wait, maybe we ARE awesome...

or boring...

one can never tell can they?

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Eri said...

Occasionally my Wal-Mart gets overstocked on laundry soap and runs it for about 75% off. When this happens I wet myself with glee and contact everyone I know to buy the limit 2 per person. At one point I had, I am not kidding, 16 bottles of extra laundry soap. It was the best time of my life...


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