Monday, November 15, 2010

Oy Vey

Bits sometimes has what we call "train wreck" in she gets completely derailed and loses control. God love the girl, she's so sweet and kind and sensitive. It's such a good thing to be, except for when she gets overwhelmed. Today was a level four trainwreck sort of day.

Bitsy and I have a running joke when I get dressed. She was nursed nearly two years so she is still fairly obsessed with my breasts; mostly she just likes to stare at them longingly and sigh, so in the morning when I get dressed, she makes a very big to do out of staring at me and I make a very big to do about saying "My eyes are up here lady!" She giggles, I giggle; a good time is had by all.

This morning I added the words "liverchops" to my phrase..and trainwreck one went a little something like this:
Mom: "hey liverchops, my eyes are up here!" *giggle*
Bitsy: "I'msorrymommaIwasjustlookingatyoubecauseyouaresobeautifulandIloveyou" [big deep breath, large dramatic sigh] "I'msosorrymommaIloveyouandI'msorryandI'mnotaliverchops" [sobsobsobsobsob]

For those who don't speak train wreck, let me translate:
I'm sorry momma, I was just looking at you because you are so beautiful and I love you. I'm so sorry momma, I love you and I'm sorry and I'm not a liverchops.


This, sadly, was the first of many trainwrecks in our day...

At Trader Joe's we had a disagreement; she wanted two packages of string cheese, I only wanted one. She sobbed "BUT MOMMMA GABE WILL NEED ONE AND I CAN'T SHARE MINE WITH HIM.PLEASE WE NEED TWO"

I am fairly certain the woman next to us would have bought the second string cheese based on the sobbing that followed me putting one package of string cheese back (okay, seriously, string cheese is expensive darn it and trader joe's is even MORE expensive than normal string cheese-don't judge me LOL)

A little while later, Daddy thought Bitsy should perhaps sit in her carseat and be buckled; she thought perhaps she should not. I didn't hear the entire conversation but I think I heard him mumble something about teenagers and grey hair...

And finally, we had a train wreck at walmart; she was starting to get tired, so it wasn't long and drawn out but it was filled with sobs and please oh please momma, I need this tinkerbell five hundred dollar toy or maybe a bike, yeah I need a bike, buy me this bike" *sigh*

Thank GOD she napped for a while this afternoon, I was about ready to have my own trainwreck over would've gone something like...


now it's off to bed, here's to hoping tomorrow will be an on the rails kind of day :P

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