Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Today I am participating in a blog-o-palooza (oops, the exact name of this is called a BLOGSHARE, color me impressed, it has a real name ha ha) or something like that. Joella at Dear Delilah Fine and Fair threw down the gauntlet and wanted to know what our resolutions were. Not just regular resolutions, but "outside the box" resolutions. I'm up for a blogshare when the topic is good, so here we go...

As always, I am resolving to eat healthier, exercise more, and generally take better care of myself. I resolved to do the same thing last year and am pleased to say that I did actually follow through on those things; I suppose this is something I should always make a conscious decision to do, but won't unless I write it down and remind myself that I am worth it.

2011 is going to be the year of "paying it forward" for me. We've been shown an immense amount of kindness in the past year; kindness we have no way of repaying...except for in a pay it forward kind of way.(what is pay it forward?)

For one, I've signed up to be a literacy volunteer at our local library. I'll be working with native Spanish speakers who want to improve their English skills; I am also hoping to be able to help adults who are going for their GEDs as well. While I don't expect to get back to teaching little ones for a while, I'd like to be able to still be out there "teaching" even if it's not teaching in the truest sense of the word.

The second resolution involves the whole clan; we're going to be donating time and things to Lazarus House. They are a local homeless shelter that provide not only shelter and meals, but outside support for people who are down on their luck and need a bit of a help to get back on their feet. We don't have a ton of money to donate BUT we do have time and items they can use.

My third resolution is something that I continually work on, but really want to focus on this year and that is really living "faith, hope, love" It's always been Geo and my marriage motto and has turned into our family motto, but this year I am really going to focus on making it a priority to treat others lovingly (especially those whom I don't particularly WANT to love) I am going to make it a priority to have faith in people and their intentions, and I am going to make it a priority to be positive and spread hope to those who need it, even if I don't think it's a particularly hopeful situation.

So there you have it: the Witkowski clan is out to do good this year...and challenges YOUR family to do the same! I'll be making periodic blog entries updating the progress we've made with our resolutions, keep your eyes peeled!

Happy New Year, may 2011 be filled with love, hope, and faith for you and yours!

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Joella said...

Awesome!! :D

I love that you are involving the whole family in community outreach!

Don't forget to comment to the main entry with a link to this post to be entered for the $10 donation prize!


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