Monday, January 10, 2011

Sleeping To Dream

Bitsy is not what one would call a "good" sleeper. Gabriel slept through the night at six weeks and continues to do so to this day; sure he has to read for an hour or so before he falls asleep BUT he sleeps deeply and peacefully, something his sister still has not gotten the hang of.

Bitsy spent the first two years of her life snuggled up next to me being nursed to sleep. When she got to the point where nighttime nursing wasn't necessary (what a happy day THAT was ha ha) she still continued to prefer to be snuggled up to me to sleep. Bits seems to be that child who needs to be in contact with someone to sleep deeply. She'll snuggle up to Geo, Gabe, her aunt Buzzy, whomever, but she prefers to be near someone.

Since we moved, bedtime has been sheer hell; Bits doesn't WANT to go to sleep and when she DOES go to bed, she thinks she should been in our bed. Now, I love her to death and I don't mind the "middle of the night wander to momma's bed" occasionally however, lately it's gotten to the point where she sleeps in our bed more than Geo or I do. We take turns on the couch. (thankfully it's incredibly comfortable!)

Tonight was no exception, she fell asleep in our bed after fighting against bedtime for an hour. I got into bed to read a bit, she snuggled with me for about fourteen seconds, rolled over, told me to quit hogging "her" blankets and fell deeply asleep. I wish there was more I could do to help her sleep; Geo said to me tonight that he doesn't mind sleeping on the couch for a few more weeks if it helps her sleep easier. It's an incredibly helpless feeling when your child doesn't want to go to sleep and does not sleep peacefully on a regular basis. Tonight, though, she's sleeping very peacefully with a Boni cat on her feet and the blankets all to herself; I just hope it's the peaceful deep sleep she so desperately needs.

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