Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for Bitsy. She drives me insane a lot of the time, mostly because she and I are so much alike, but more often than not, she makes me incredibly happy. She's funny and smart and is incredibly creative.

This morning I discovered pink crayon all over my bedroom wall; when asked about it, she said "um" and took a deep breath and put on her "thinking cap" (you could see the wheels in her head turning) I asked again, what happened to the wall and she said "well, it was the cat. He was on the bed yesterday and I saw him. He was on the bed with a pink crayon in his mouth and was drawing" She then shook her head and sighed. I asked, "where in the world did Boni cat get a crayon?" She said "Well, I think it must have been on the floor because I was coloring paper in here and I must have left it on the floor and he put it in his mouth and was coloring. He is such a naughty kitty"

Meanwhile, Boni cat was sitting in the hallway watching us, twitching his tail. She looked at him and said "naughty boni, writing on momma's wall! That's not nice!" and he ran off, but not before looking at me as if to say "yeah, right, it was ME who wrote in pink ALL over your wall, uh huh"

Goofy goofy girl. I'm thankful she's so cute or I'm afraid I may have sold her to the gypsies long ago!

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