Saturday, January 15, 2011

Is that read or read?

Gabe is a reader-a big time reader. He's currently hooked on Calvin and Hobbes books and even if he doesn't quite get all the jokes, he enjoys them nonetheless.

He's been at his new school for two weeks; the first morning he was there we had a meeting with his teacher and told her that he is a voracious reader. She assured me she'd keep an eye on it and indeed she has. I just opened his weekend folder (because I'm lazy ha ha) and found a note and the 2nd grade sight words list. She wants to see if he knows them (HA, does he know them?) and if he does, she'll move him up another level to keep him challenged. Out of curiosity, we asked him to read the list of words. He zipped through them and when he got to the word "read" he read it both ways without prompting. He said "these are easy" I guess we've got our answer then, 2nd grade sight words are TOO easy for to get the NEXT set of words (so he can zip through them and proclaim them "too easy")

Having another reader in the house is fantastic; I can spend a whole day reading, getting up only for the essentials, you know diet coke, cheese and crackers, petting the cat...and so can Gabe. It's a wonderful feeling, I just hope Bitsy is the same way!

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Joella said...

Go Gabe! Delilah obviously doesn't read yet, but she certainly loves her books! We designated the bottom shelf of our main book shelf for her, as well as the book shelf in her room. She loves taking out books, paging through them, and babbling as though she's "reading" them out loud. :)


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