Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The First Picture

When I was pregnant with Gabriel, I had the normal 20 week ultrasound and found out he was a boy; throughout the rest of the pregnancy we had multiple ultrasounds, ending with one the day before the day he was born where he pushed his face right up to the ultrasound wand and showed us his face. We were able to see his round little face and button nose. It was easy to see that he was going to look like his daddy and lo and behold, yes, he DID (and still does) look like his daddy.

With SarahAnne, because of my history with Gabriel, I had ultrasounds constantly, at 14 weeks we found out we were expecting a princess and every picture of her after that showed her budding personality. The ultrasound techs often laughed when they saw her little ankles crossed. She was a diva, even in the womb.

Today I was lucky enough to go with my sister in law Katie for her first ultrasound with baby number two. I love going to ultrasounds; it's amazing to see that first glimpse of life. Today was no exception; my niece or nephew was waving their arms around, turning their head, and generally making their presence known. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. What does the ultrasound say about this little belly bean? If I had to guess, it's that Mom and Dad are in trouble with this one-gonna be a mover and a shaker...he he. Guess we'll see, won't we?

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