Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Boy and the Bus Saga

Gabe's bus stop is close to our apartment; I can see it from my front window and can be out to the curb in two or three minutes (provided I don't fall down the stairs on my way out) I've been working on getting Gabe to walk to the bus stop by himself; he's been resisting it from the get go-he does NOT want to walk by himself and will refuse to do so.

The last few weeks though, with everyone sick, I've given him no choice but to have to walk by himself (At this point, I should note that it's a safe walk, I can see him, he can see me, he just doesn't like to do thinks alone) a few times a week. This morning I asked him to walk to the bus himself and he actually didn't fuss. He waved goodbye to Bitsy and gave me a kiss. Even more than that, he only turned around ONCE to give me a thumbs up to make sure I knew he was okay walking. Yesterday when he walked to the bus, he turned around about a dozen times to make sure I was watching him.

What a bizarre twist. I was shocked that he didn't need constant reassurance that I was there and pleased that he's become so independent. Now to see if he can keep it up!

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