Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother Day

There are a lot of mothers in my life; my mom in Michigan, my "not my mom but like a mom" in Massachusetts, my two mothers in law, my two grandmothers in law, my many aunts, cousins, sisters in law, and friends who are mommas. Lots and lots and LOTS of mommas and I'm very lucky to have all of them in my life HOWEVER there is one little momma in my life who has a very special spot in my heart and that's Bitsy.

We call Bitsy "little momma" quite often; she's a little mother hen. I was laying in bed earlier and she made a point to uncover herself and cover ME up so I was comfy. After covering me up, she patted my back and said "there you go momma, get comfy" She mothers the cat, she mothers Geo, she mothers Gabriel and pretty much anyone else who needs to be mothered (OR she deems necessary of mothering)

The title of my post is Happy Mother Day, you'll note that there was no "s" after Mother...because Bitsy is convinced that it is not MOTHER'S day, it's just MOTHER day and since I am her only Mother, there is no reason for her to say Mother's. And actually, if I was being honest, she doesn't say Mother, she actually says "mudder"

Mudder day has been a big deal to her. I was greeted with kisses and hugs this morning, then on a walk we took, she and Gabriel picked me dandelions the whole way to the store, then when we got home, she insisted on helping me in the kitchen. This evening after a nice dinner out (woohoo no cooking OR cleaning up!) she came up to Geo and said "is it still Mudder day?" very concerned; Geo assured her that it was still Mother's Day as long as she was awake and she said ok, but then mumbled to herself about it not being mudder's day tomorrow...apparently she doesn't like that very much.

Where has Gabriel been in all of this? Kissing me every two seconds. Today at the park every time he went down the slide, he came over and smooched me. Every time I turned around today he was giving me a hug, telling me he loved me, or kissing me. He's a little love that much is true.

Over all it was a great Mudder day; even if Geo did work a 12 hour overnight shift and come home exhausted. We had a nice brunch then he went to bed for a few hours so he could get up and go back to work again tonight. If it weren't for Geo, I would have never gotten to be a mudder OR celebrate mudder day, so thanks HH for making me a momma :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day as well!

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