Saturday, May 21, 2011

Momma Musings: Religion and Hypocrisy

So, you oldie moldies know that I'm not particularly religious; I was raised in a great little Baptist church with really good pastors, I was married by a wonderful pastor whom to this day I admire a great deal. My kids are baptized and we occasionally go to church. Neither Geo nor I feel that going to church is an essential part of being a good person, nor part of being a "Christian". I can't say that I really identify as a Christian, I like to say that I'm "christianish" because while I agree with a lot of things the bible says, I can also see the merit and beauty in other religions and what they believe; for example I think Buddhism and Hinduism are both amazing religions-very peaceful religions, very calming and centering, if you will.

Now, that all being said, as most of you know, some guy decided that today was the "rapture" The rapture, of course being the day that Christ comes back and takes the believers to heaven and the rest of the people sit and perish in hell on Earth. *shakes head* Okay, so that's what the bible says will happen, fine, whatever. I don't believe it, I don't think it's actually going to happen that way, but that's just me. Lots of people have lots of beliefs that I don't and that's ok...because I have beliefs that others don't have as well. No worries, we can get along no matter WHAT the other one believes. (unless you believe that Bob Dylan is a god on earth, then we'll disagree and I'll have to send you packing ha ha)

So there's this whole "OMG RAPTURE" thing going on and all these religious types and people who think they are religious types professing their love for Jesus and telling the non believers that they're going to be in hell on earth-oh ha ha ha-because they don't believe in Jesus. The same people who are professing their love for Jesus are also the ones who are the most hypocritical, in my opinion. The ones saying they love Jesus are the ones who don't love their own families, the ones not honoring their own mothers and fathers, the ones getting rip roaring drunk, beating their wives, and showing up at church Sunday as pious as all get out. The "godly" ones are the ones least likely be living a Godly life. They're concerned with material possessions, they're concerned with money, they're concerned with no one but themselves...and yet they're the Godly ones? They're the ones God is going to spirit away to heaven? Oh please. Quit deluding yourselves "christians"; you're no better than the rest of us, except that the rest of us don't hide behind religion to justify the things you do (need an example of what part of religion people use to justify their actions: Hating gay people. The bible says being gay is a sin; the bible also says to hate the sin, but love the sinner...I'm afraid that I see way more hate toward actual gay people than I do toward the "sin". I can go on and on, but I won't, I think you get the point)

NOW that I've said that, let me also say this, I know quite a few GOOD Christians; I know people who truly embody what it means to be a good Christian person. People who love their neighbors as themselves, people who value humanity in all forms: color, creed, sexual orientation not being an issue. We're lucky that we have these people in our lives because they really show us what a Christian is supposed to look like-none of Geo's grandparents are religious nuts; they're Christians who practice what they preach-love and respect for their fellow man, fearing God, praising God, and honoring God in all they say and do.

Maybe being a "good" christian comes with age? Maybe as these radical hypocritical "christians" grow up, they'll realize that all their hate in the name of "God" is wrong, maybe they'll realize that material possessions really are NOT what we're meant to have (after all, you can't take it with you and if you're Christian, your treasure lies in heaven, right?) Maybe they'll realize that loving your family, honoring your parents (and parents in law...) is actually what brings honor to God.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've been working on my post-rapture looting list* for a few days and need to finish it-I only have a few short hours before the rapture begins and I need to be prepared...

*of course, I'm kidding, I rarely take anything like this seriously, especially when it's something so obviously made up by some whack job who predicted the same thing was going to happen in 1994...

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